Unique Whanganui River

Who We Are

We’ll guide you through the heart of the Whanganui River, places inaccessible by land, and you’ll get a taste of the great food, history and culture of the river - memories that will stay with you forever.

Unique Whanganui Experience managing director is Hayden Potaka has a team of Cultural Navigators that have all been on the Tira Hoe Waka wananga, trained Iwi knowledge and have a strong knowledge of the river. They have also been technical in swift water rescue and hold current first aid certificates. Hemi Gray is our lead cultural navigator and has ability to bring a group of individuals together and create a fantastic team of friends. Most trips start with formal handshakes, but end with hugs all round.

Each Experience is Unique. Continuing the business based on its Unique themes, We are wanting to focus the experience on the river and enhancing the gourmet food experience by introducing different Chefs to river while utilising the produce the surrounds the river and bush environment. So keep an eye out those food themed experience.



Hayden was brought up in Whanganui and spent a lot of time as a child along the banks of the Whanganui River. Hayden also has a number of year’s experience paddling down the Whanganui River. 



Damien is a Lecturer at UCOL Whanganui, NZ. Damien has a Bachelor of Culinary Arts, Bachelor in Education and is a qualified Culinary Arts Judge. He enjoys development the development of Chefs. Maybe this Unique Experience he will share some culinary art tips with you.


Trained Cultural Navigators

All trips are fully guided by our trained Cultural Navigators

Tailored for You

Trip can be tailored to accommodate rest days or different stops

Meals Provided

Includes three catered delicious meals per day

Tents & Bedding

Tents and bedding are provided, huts can be booked in advance