Unique educational and immersive experiences on the Whanganui River. 

 Kia whakaako motuhake i ngA AAhuatanga o te awa o Whanganui.  

On River Experience

Your Whanganui river experience begins when you reach Whakahoro. Before getting on the water and making your way along the Retaruke River, to join the Whanganui River, you’ll be briefed thoroughly.

All safety procedures will be discussed and you’ll be trained with the best way to steer your canoe, how to read the water, and things to look out for along the way.

Off River Experience

Time off the river is all about relaxing and telling a few stories. You’ll be provided with a tent, air mattress, inflatable pillow, and a bag for all of your things to go in – this is ‘glamping’ at its best! 

You’ll be amazed at what can be cooked using a gas camp oven – roasts, baked goods, dessert – none of this dried packet stuff. And we hope you won’t go hungry, there’s plenty to keep you going!


Trained awa navigators

Our navigators have participated in the Tira Hoe Waka wānanga; they are repositories of our local kōrero and qualified rafting guides with years of experience.


All adventures involve experiencing small rapids; however, the last day of the multi-day adventures is the most fun of them all.  


We provide pick-up and drop-off from Raetihi; however, if you are further away and need transport, then we might be able to help.


Multi-day adventurers will be provided with a tent, air mattress, and inflatable pillow. Alternatively, huts can be booked in advance at an additional cost.  

our experiences

5 day experience

Our longest adventure offered, you’ll spend approximately 16 hours traversing our beautiful awa while sharing our rich history, kai, and kōrero.  

  Meals Included
  Tents/Bedding Included


With approximately 11 hours of canoeing on the awa over four days, you’ll enjoy a more leisurely pace with more exploration and relaxation time at each stop. 

  Meals Included
  Tents/Bedding Included


Our most popular experience, you’ll spend 11 hours on the awa; visit the Bridge to Nowhere and spend time with a small Māori community.  You’ll also be indulged with three catered meals daily.  
  Meals Included
  Tents/Bedding Included

1 Day Experience

If you’re pushed for time, our single day experience involves 2-3 hours on the awa, a catered lunch, and a days’ worth of rich korero.

Lunch included

  Meals Included
  Tents/Bedding Included

"Ko au te awa, ko te awa ko au"

"I am the river and the river is me"
We’ll guide you through the heart of the Whanganui River, places inaccessible by land, and you’ll get a taste of the great food, history and culture of the river - memories that will stay with you forever.
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