Unique educational and immersive experiences on the Whanganui River. 

 Kia whakaako motuhake i ngA AAhuatanga o te awa o Whanganui.  

On River Experience

Your Whanganui river experience begins when you reach Whakahoro. Before getting on the water and making your way along the Retaruke River, to join the Whanganui River, you’ll be briefed thoroughly.

All safety procedures will be discussed and you’ll be trained with the best way to steer your canoe, how to read the water, and things to look out for along the way.

Off River Experience

Time off the river is all about relaxing and telling a few stories. You’ll be provided with a tent, air mattress, inflatable pillow, and a bag for all of your things to go in – this is ‘glamping’ at its best! 

You’ll be amazed at what can be cooked using a gas camp oven – roasts, baked goods, dessert – none of this dried packet stuff. And we hope you won’t go hungry, there’s plenty to keep you going!



The first few days of paddling are smooth with small rapids to get through, allowing you to get used to the canoe and ‘feel for the water’. The last day is the day to look forward to - there’s quite a few rapids to get through! But you’ll be given guidance on the best way to approach them and Hayden (or one of well trained Guides) will go first so you’ve got someone to follow.

Paddling Time

You’ll get regular stops to break up a couple of the long days, but river conditions will determine the amount of time you need to spend on the water. The flow can vary a lot depending on whether the river is high or low. 

a river off day

You heard it right, on the 5 day adventure you’ll get a day off the river. Where you can take an optional walk up to see views of Mount Ruapehu and Taranaki, listen to native birds, explore the bush, or simply some time to swim or just relax and read a book.

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5 day experience

Taumarunui, Whakahoro, Mangapurua, John Coull, Tieke Kainga, Pipiriki
  3 Meals Included
  Tents/Bedding Included



Whakahoro, Mangapapa, John Coull, Mangapurua, Tieke Kainga, Pipiriki
  3 Meals Included
  Tents/Bedding Included



Whakahoro, John Coull, Mangapurua, Tieke Kainga, Pipiriki
  3 Meals Included
  Tents/Bedding Included

"Ko au te awa, ko te awa ko au"

"I am the river and the river is me"
We’ll guide you through the heart of the Whanganui River, places inaccessible by land, and you’ll get a taste of the great food, history and culture of the river - memories that will stay with you forever.
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